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Personal site of Andrew Lowson.  A Scottish physics graduate / software developer and full time geek.

Currently just a blog about music, technology news, mobile development and consumer culture.  Soon to feature a project page, a podcast and music releases.


I spend most of my day reading and writing about things that either irritate or over excite me.  This is my space to do the same. Technology, music, media, movies and more.


The Need For A Low Cost iPhone

Andrew Lowson

There has been discussions of a lower cost iPhone for a long time, essentially since the announcement of the original iPhone's price. People have rumoured about a range of iPhones for years and after it was recently 'confirmed' out of a Pegatron report and now rumoured for a September 10th announcement, I've seen a lot of debate over Twitter about why it's not only a ridiculous idea for Apple to make a low cost iPhone but it's essentially an un-Apple like move.

I think it's more than obvious that they should have made this move for years. I have never really thought about if I would buy it, whether it's lower cost or has a different feature set, but for economic reasons and even moreso just to keep in line with how they've slowly introduced product categories in the past it seems like a no brainer.

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WWDC Keynote

Andrew Lowson

The dust has now settled from the WWDC keynote on Monday so I thought I would post my views on what Apple came out with at this year's developer conference.

The tone of the keynote was everything I wanted to see. It was Apple on top form.  The company has been given a hard time lately in the press and on Wall Street and they have sat quietly through it all, until today.  With the exception of the odd car racing demonstration, the whole two hours were executed with perfect precision.   It was entertaining, it didn't drag, there weren't too many 3rd party demo's.  It was 2 hours of Apple telling the world why they do what they do.
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Man of Steel Review

Andrew Lowson

This is the superhero movie I have been waiting for all year, well at least since Iron Man 3 disappointed me back in April.  I will admit I've never read a Superman comic book and I'm not the biggest fan of Zack Snyder's past movies but the marketing from this film, similar to Iron Man 3, had my mouth watering for some Krypton filled action! 

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A Call For Comic Book TV Shows

Andrew Lowson

The great asset of comics, that gives them so much potential over all the other tired genres and franchises, is the huge catalogue of source material available for adaptation.  There are decades worth of comics covering huge story arcs with an assortment of crazy villains in each series, will well thought out plots and great detail given to characters and visuals. 

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