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Personal site of Andrew Lowson.  A Scottish physics graduate / software developer and full time geek.

Currently just a blog about music, technology news, mobile development and consumer culture.  Soon to feature a project page, a podcast and music releases.


Personal website of Andrew Lowson. Focus on music, technology, blog, development and podcasting.










There comes a point in time when you have to learn how to focus on what it is you want. I have a terrible tendency to find distractions in the form of people, jobs, even television shows and fixate on them just enough to stop me focusing on what I really want to achieve. It’s incredibly easy to not do something.

Failure truly terrifies me.
Trying opens me up to failure. Procrastination doesn't, it just makes me boring.

I’m stopping that today.

I have always had three goals in my head that I wanted to achieve.

Release Music.
Write a blog with an associated podcast.
Write code.

I'm about to use this website as the focal point for all of this.

In the coming weeks I'll update this site with a new design and launch the blog, mainly focusing technology, movies, what I'm doing and other things that interest me.

Following that, I hope to start releasing music, starting with covers of songs that I love, and eventually my own songs.

Watch this space.